Michael ----

---- Sleepy Hollow Cir N

Colorado Springs, Colorado

23 July 2009

Integrity in workmanship is not common. Some learn it and some are naturally

inclined towards excellence. I would put John Croft in the latter category. In one short visit he was able to prioritize, organize and then complete four different projects effectively and to my complete satisfaction. More importantly, he operated to achieve his own higher standard. He repaired a sliding screen door, replaced two doorknobs, installed a lighting fixture and rebuilt a gate. John is an excellent craftsman and demonstrates integrity in his work. He is knowledgeable and tidy. -------- is lucky to have him. I am relatively new to the area and John and I did discuss the process of designing and constructing here in the Springs community, myself being unfamiliar with local conventions. Every other sentence was either a no-nonsense declaration by John of

his awareness of potential conflict of interest issues or a statement of his intent to operate ethically. John is a true businessman, in that he regards his reputation as a fundamental key to success. He would not jeopardize something as valuable as his credibility or as hard to cultivate as goodwill.

John felt so strongly about behaving aboveboard that he contacted -------- to

check if he was acting appropriately. That's when -------- contacted me leaving

a query on my voicemail.This letter is my response to any questions anyone might have regarding this issue. Based on my experience it would appear that John Croft aims to operate honestly within the community, with -------- and with this household. And of course, ---- Sleepy Hollow Circle will always endeavor to make its business dealings transparent and above reproach. We share John's values.


Michael -. ----

Date: Saturday, February 27, 2010 02:05PM

Subject: High Praise Due!

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I recently had one of your craftsmen out to my home to do several small projects including the

installation of a new doggy door through my wall. John Croft was everything a homeowner could

want and need in a qualified craftsman. He was courteous, timely, efficient, and his work was.

perfect! I would hlgh)ly recommend him to anyone and we Will certainly request him by name in the future. People like Mr. Croft get the job done right the first time!


Matt --------


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From: John ---------

To: hC4002-------------

'Date: Sunday, September 'D, 2009 02:IDSPM

Subject: Testimonial for John Croft

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To -------- of Colorado Springs,

I just wanted to drop your company a note to say how pleased I was with the

work done by John Croft. When I first called -------- John came to my home to install a door to my crawlspace. He did a great job, far beyond my

initial expectations. When I needed more work done to remove steps from a second story deck I again called handyman connection and requested John Croft.

Again the work he did was excellent and I am very pleased with the results. I'll have to say that in the future when I need additional work done I will certainly

call -------- and ask for John.

Sincerely, John ---------

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